Your test will include analysis of these key aspects of superhero-ism:

STRENGTH Are you strong? Do you have a rare genotype found in less than 10% of the population? People who do tend to have the highest muscle strength and therefore the lowest risk of injury.
  • Bone strength (SOST)
  • Muscle mass (VDR)
INTELLIGENCE Do you have an uncanny ability to produce and understand speech and language? Are you more likely to attain a higher achievement in education?
  • Language ability (FOXP2)
  • Learning ability (Chromosome 6)
SPEED Are you fast? Do you have the gene for a specific muscle protein that impacts the ability of skeletal muscle to produce force at high velocity? Learn if you are likely to have enhanced performance in power and sprint activities.
  • Cardiac output (ACE)
  • Muscle force (ACTN3)


This 6-gene profile reveals your unique superhero traits. From rare, above-average intelligence to physical prowess, this fun DNA test lets you tap into your hidden superpower.

  • Are you faster than a speeding bullet?
  • Do you have the mind of a super-genius?
  • Could you be extraordinarily strong – without the spinach?

These are some of the things you can learn about yourself with the SUPERHERO DNA Test. 

Delivery times for certain genes will be delayed by 3-4 weeks.

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